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The role of planted forest in combating illegal logging and climate change

21 Jun to 25 Jun, 2017

The role of planted forest in combating illegal logging and climate change

NGP is returning to Edinburgh in 2017 — the place where we began — to celebrate 10 years of work to create a new generation of planted forests.

10 years already ...?

Indeed. And while in 2007 we were just a handful of people hoping to do the impossible, we have made it and achieved more than we could have hoped for. In 2017 we will bring together well over 100 people to celebrate.

Sounds good ... So what has made it work so well?

It’s all about people. It has shown what we can do when we work together to reach a common goal and all pull in the same direction. We can make the impossible possible.

What will the 2017 event be about?

Our annual Encounter will be co-hosted by WWF and the Forestry Commission in the UK. The event will begin at Chatham House in London, a symbolic location that embodies openness, trust and sharing — values that lie at the heart of the NGP platform. The Encounter will be an outward-facing event where we will look back over the past 10 years at what we have achieved so far, but we will also look forward to preparing for future challenges. 

After London, we will move to Edinburgh, where we will work to address an overarching question: How can planted forests help to regulate our climate? Two years will have passed since the Paris Agreement. NGP will have looked into how plantations can contribute to emissions reduction during its study tour in Acre, Brazil, and to climate adaptation in Gansu, China. 

And, what best way to celebrate 10 years of the NGP platform if not with friends and a good talk about forests, reminding ourselves of the great words from the Scottish environmentalist Patrick Geddes, ‘By leaves we live’. 

Many will be our special friends gathering for the 2017 Encounter: IUFRO Plantations Task Force, Forest Stewardship Council, Boreal Forests platform, Institute of Forest Biosciences and Confor. All of us joining forces and mobilised in building a new generation of collaborations, in this important moment of life for NGP. Join us also, to think the future.

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