NGP is an “ecosystem of collaboration”, bringing people together to develop solutions that have an impact at a landscape scale.

WWF Forests Forward programme invests in sustainable forest landscapes, implementing the NGP concept.

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New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 16 May
Throwing back to the FASB Forest stakeholders and project developers study tour in South Bahia last year in 2021.

To know more about out FASB project, please check the website .
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 12 May
The FASB project to which @NGP_TechAssist is providing technical assistance in Bahia-Brazil has transitioned from preparatory to implementation phase.See photos of ongoing tree planting to restore riparian zones&degraded landscapes. Thanks to KIRKBI of @LEGO_Group for the funding
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 9 May
It's essential that people have access to sustainably produced timber&wood. Otherwise we will not curb the loss of natural forests due to the growing demand for timber&wood causing pressure on natural forests. Watch a clip from the NGP 2018 study tour in Uganda. @andyheald

We believe in a new generation of plantations in harmony with people and nature.

NGPTA originate and manage projects to make well-managed, inclusive and profitable plantations a reality