NGP is an “ecosystem of collaboration”, bringing people together to develop solutions that have an impact at a landscape scale.

WWF Forests Forward programme invests in sustainable forest landscapes, implementing the NGP concept.

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New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 25 Jan
RT. #Ghana 🇬🇭 received its first payment of $4.862M from the World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility for reducing carbon emissions. The country is set to receive up to $50M for 10M tons of CO2 emission reduced through 2024.
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 24 Jan
Invest in communities, invest in nature and the returns on this investment will be sustainably visible for people and planet.
#FasbytesHorror @DialogoFtal
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 23 Jan
Remember earlier this month when we launched a website of our sister company (iNovaLand Ltd) that manages the funds and contracts for all the projects we implement? Well, iNovaLand is now also on #LinkedIn . Visit and follow. #forests #Sustainability
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 20 Jan
A broken food system is evidence of humans actions against the human race. Our FASB project in Brazil is supporting farmers to fix the broken food system through sustainable regenerative food production and agroforestry. #FoodSystems #WEF23

We believe in a new generation of plantations in harmony with people and nature.

NGPTA originate and manage projects to make well-managed, inclusive and profitable plantations a reality