On Line meeting
Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique Multi-stakeholder On Line meeting

08 Dec to 08 Dec, 2020

Mozambique Multi-stakeholder On Line meeting

One year ago, at the NGP Encounter in Maputo, participants discussed how a “Ecosystem of Collaboration” can help co-create and co-develop an environment where a new generation of sustainable plantations can thrive in Africa, and in Mozambique. The most popular ideas from these discussions will be given continuity at this meeting.

The New Generation Plantations is running a series of multi-stakeholders e-meetings in African countries, to originate resilient forest landscapes projects that support biodiversity and community development. The WWF Mozambique, having identified Zambezia as one of the priority landscapes, is seeking to establish a coalition of partners engaged in landscape development. And the Circular Bio-economy Alliance, a mach making initiative, is attracting investment to develop sustainable landscapes in Africa.

This meeting will provoke an ecosystem of collaboration to originate “bankable projects” that generate income while at the same time advancing social and environmental sustainability.

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