Developing Sustainable Stump Harvesting Guidelines

UPM recognizes climate change and its potential impacts as serious threats. It aims to develop its business to mitigate those impacts and contribute to government targets for renewable, low-carbon energy sources. Woody biomass can be a sustainable source of energy and a valuable renewable alternative to fossil fuels. 

New biomass sources are needed to meet increasing demands for woodfuel in the UK. Scandinavian experience shows that harvesting the stumps can generate additional biomass when trees are felled. This is, however, a new operation for UK forestry. 

The key aim of the project was to develop operational guidelines for stump harvesting. UPM engaged stump harvesting operators on the trial sites, who worked to a pre-determined environmental matrix. This involved establishing buffer zones around riparian areas, standing deadwood, semi-natural habitats, natural reserves and long-term retentions.



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