"Novas Abordagens para Pequenos Produtores"
Vietnam,  12|14 de março de 2019


VIETNAM,  12|14 DE MARÇO DE 2019

The New Generation Plantations (NGP) Smallholders Fieldshop, is hosted by WWF Vietnam, and organised in collaboration with FSC New Approaches Initiative (NAI).

NGP defends, well-designed and sustainably managed forest plantations have enormous potential to tackle some of the biggest global challenges. However, they will only be successful if they are supported and valued by a wide range of stakeholders, combine public finance support and commitment, with private sector investment and entrepreneurial ability, for the benefit of as many people as possible.

WWF’s on-the-ground work with smallholders shows that good business practices can protect forests and help economies grow at the same time. This is a powerful lesson, upending the narrative that developing economies must sacrifice their natural habitats to drive growth. 

WWF-supported projects and local partners are helping communities significantly boost their incomes from products like rattan, acacia, rubber and bamboo while scaling up efforts to prevent unsustainable logging and hunting. At the same time, they have nurtured robust, forest-friendly and profitable local industries, creating success stories that can be used to convince others of the enormous benefits of saving natural forests. 

The FSC ‘New Approaches to Smallholders Certification Initiative’ aims to glean from the most successful elements of FSC’s experience in smallholders certification and blend it with the best current innovations, tools and solutions, contributing to design a FSC certification system that suits smallholders situations.

This Fieldshop on smallholders aims to learn from successful stories, contributing to generate capacity to the implementation of smallholders’ livelihoods and forestry projects, to discuss challenges and new ideas that triggers smallholders’ benefits as a result of FSC certification in the Great Mekong context.

Registrations are open.