Notes From Bahia - Discussions from the NGP/FASB study tour November 2022

The south of Bahia in Brazil, known as a hotspot of biodiversity, is also an area of cultural and historical diversity. This diversity is reflected in the richness of the initiatives supported by FASB (Fundo Ambiental Sul Baiano, or the South Bahia People and Nature Fund).

Over the last two years, FASB has provided funding and technical assistance to 23 local action projects focused on sustainable development, in areas such as agroforestry, regenerative wood and food production, environmental conservation, and forest restoration.

The NGP/FASB study tour in November 2022 showcased this diversity and the history of Brazil, from the first settlements to the present day – a history that takes in colonization, the resistance to slavery, the devastation of the Atlantic Forest, industrialization, social  conflict, and growing environmental awareness. We visited seven FASB-funded projects, exploring their connections with each stage of this history while seeking a future built on inclusion, sustainable land use and environmental restoration.