"Land Dialogue in Bahia"
Bahia, Brazil,  29 June to 3 July, 2020



Forestry and Agriculture sector, Civil Society Organisations, Local and Indigenous communities: our 2020 Study Tour will bring these worlds together, to share experiences, inspire action and potentially to develop collaboration across sectors. 

The Agriculture sector is facing the issues that the plantation forestry sector has meet more then 10 years ago. Large scale conversion of landscapes with attendant loss of biodiversity, an over-reliance upon intensive processes that further reduce biodiversity and diversity in the farm. Allied to this is the need to fundamentally rethink small-holder farming models to tackle inequality. Is there something that the agriculture sector can learn from the forest sector, and the experiences of New Generation Plantations? Is there a way to redesign farming systems as diverse as soya and palm oil so that we can restore biodiversity, and effectively integrate small-holders. 

This 2020 study tour, will take through the historical progress in Bahia over last decade and the remaining challenges to be addressed, in particular looking to territorial governance, the organisational capacity of forest outgrowers, and the considerable progress made in the relationship between the plantation forestry companies and the local communities - indigenous, Quilombolas, and landless people. 

The study tour will also address the long way still to go. Specifically actions to strengthen the landscape approach to include in the process the diverse business models present in the landscape, especially agriculture commodities such as coffee, beef and milk. 

Join us to together co-create a healthy, thriving and sustainable landscape model! 

Bahia, Brazil