"4th International Congress on Planted Forests"
Beijing, China,  October 22|29, 2018



The New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform 2018 Meeting and Encounter will be organised at the 4th International Congress on Planted Forest. This co-organisation results from the collaboration betwen NGP and the IUFRO Task Force 'Sustainable Planted Forests for a Geener Future'.

The 4th International Congress on Planted Forests (ICPF) aims to investigate the contribution of planted forests to green development in the context of global changes. Topics includes the sustainability of planted forests in the context of changing climates and the future role of planted forests in bio-resources sustainability, environmental protection and green development. The 4th ICPF will also be a space of interface between scientific communities, wider society and government policy initiatives related to planted forests.


22 October:  NGP platform Participants Annual Meeting (for NGP Participants only)

23-25 October:  4ICPF Congress - NGP Encounter - Room 302B

Tuesday, 23

13:30|15:30 - D-03 Green Belt Road

16:00|18:00 - D-04 Barriers and opportunities to realising the full value of planted forests contribution to ‘Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World’

Wednesday, 24

13:30|15:30 - C-01 Sustainable Intensification - can we increase forest production without adverse impacts on the environment and society and under a rapidly changing climate

16:00|18:00 - D-02 The Role of Sustainable Intensification in Restoration and Provision of Forest-Products – Connecting the Dialogue

Thursday, 25

08:00|10:00 -B-04 New Generation Plantations for Natural Climate Solutions

26-27 October: 4ICPF Field trips

Venue - the NGP Meeting and Encounter will be organised at the 4ICPF venue, the China National Convention Center, located adjacently to the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) on the Olympic Green boulevard. The China National Convention Center is only 25 minutes (26km) from the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), connected by an efficient transport system including subway and buses. 

Follow this page for further information on the 4th ICPF, NGP Encounter and Annual Meeting.

Beijing, China