Alongside its own rainforest restoration programme, financed and conducted by the company, Veracel, a joint venture of Stora Enso and Fibria facilitates and supports a rainforest restoration project financed by the carbon market. The project involves several NGOs in southern Bahia state in Brazil, where Veracel’s pulp mill and its fast-growing eucalyptus plantations are also located.

The project, The Monte Pascoal–Pau Brasil Ecological Corridor, aims to restore Atlantic rainforest on suitable areas belonging to local land owners, especially cattle ranchers. The project goal is to connect isolated fragments of the Atlantic Rainforest and form a native forest corridor between two national parks, Monte Pascoal and Pau Brasil. So far, selling carbon credits has led to the replanting and restoration of 318 hectares of rainforest. The plantation forms a wildlife corridor between two national parks, Monte Pascoal and Pau Brazil. Read more.


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Learning from the real world

Responsible plantation management has brought real benefits to people and nature. These case studies demonstrate how.

Disclaimer: While the NGP platform acknowledges the progress on plantation management presented in the case studies, it recognizes that not all aspects of NGP are necessarily used in the examples. For an overview of the participants' plantations management practices you can read more here.