"Tree Plantations in the Landscape"
Bahia|Espirito Santo, Brazil,  March 12|16, 2018



A collaboration The Forests Dialoge and New Generation Plantations platform.

There are a number of strands to the genesis of The Forests Dialogue’s Tree Plantations in the Landscape (TPL) initiative. All have their origins in recognition that planted forests, including tree plantations established for wood production, continue to grow in both extent and significance. 

This initiative builds upon the work of the IMPF dialogue initiative conducted from 2006-2008 on Intensively Managed Planted Forests, which identified “factors of critical importance” to successful IMPF projects and practice, and made recommendations for improving IMPF policy and practice.

TFD held a Scoping Dialogue in Durban, South Africa on September 4|5 2015 to explore whether there was sufficient capacity on these issues to hold productive dialogues in the field, being successfully followed by the international field dialogue on Tree Plantations in the Landscape in Chile from May 31|June 3, 2016.

The Chile TPL Dialogue was the first in a series of field dialogues applied to particular geographic contexts, being Brazil the second dialogue of this series.

Bahia|Espirito Santo, Brazil