"What role for Plantations in Climate Adaptation?"
China, Gansu,  May 8|12, 2017


CHINA, GANSU,  MAY 8|12, 2017

Restoration, reforestation, afforestation. What role for Plantations in Climate Adaptation?

Gansu, in the One Belt One Road - the 21st century Silk Road - is part of a development strategy focused on connectivity and cooperation across Central Asia, Middle East, and Europe. NGP will experience how the ´Belt´ is answering to some of its most critical challenges.

Life in Gansu is not always silky smooth. Surrounded by the Tengri and Badain Jaran deserts, in Minqin County the desert encroaches on agricultural land at an increasing rate every year. Desert expansion, land infertility and lack of water threats the living standards of Gansu communities. 

Building upon the Climate Paris agreement, China aim’s to gradually move from an energy-intensive economy to low-carbon mode. As one key in this strategy, the Chinese government is looking at new investment opportunities addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. What finance mechanisms can leverage restoration, reforestation and afforestation at scale?

The China Green Carbon Foundation, Suzano and WWF China are working in finding the best tree species which grow best in desert conditions, enabling farmers to maximize the social, economic and environmental benefits of Plantations. This NGP study tour aims at support the government and partner organisations in its search for a future climate-resilient Silk Road.

China, Gansu